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A Boy Tasered during the Phillies Game


During 1960s, a lady named Morganna Roberts became very famous because of her habit jumping over the fence during a baseball game and plant a kiss on the unsuspecting baseball player.

People called her as “Morganna the Kissing Bandit,” who continued jumping onto Major League Baseball fields and surprisingly kiss unaware players.

The famous Morganna the Kissing bandit was never tasered or tackled not like an incident happened during the Phillies game. A 17 year old kid went running across the field, but unfortunately, he wasn’t aware on what will be the result of his act. In doing such act, he was tasered by the security, which brought up the old memories of Morganna the Kissing Bandit but never tasered during that time.

It’s very simple. Running on the field during a playoff, the security will be clueless if you are a harmless guy, an annoyed fan who tends to inflict damage a player, or a terrorist wire to blow yourself and half the field. It was May 1, 2010, Saturday, when an SUV packed with explosives found in the vicinity of 46th Street in Times Square, New York. The SUV looked pretty innocent, not until a smoke started to appear out of its windows.

Given the potential for mayhem, a Taser is completely reasonable, not just as a reminder to the troublemaker of how stupid he was, but a warning to other would-be idiots contemplating an unlicensed show off onto the field.

As a matter of fact, the kid should still be grateful for he was only tased by the security. Not like before, such people were taken to a tiny cinder-block room under the stands at most stadiums. It is where police took such people for a “discussion.” Usually, the conversation was all one-sided, applied with nightsticks to ribs and kidneys, and those who experienced one never did it again.

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