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by Pearlie Caudle

Received call 7-28-2010 from a heavily-accented guys saying he was with our "local yellow pages", calling to verify the listing info that they've already been listing for years (our company does not list with any yellow pages).  He had the company name wrong, and when I told him we changed our name years ago, he said to have a good day and he hung up.  *69 Return Call revealed his number as 203-230-8487 which on other web sites lists this number as belonging to a massage parlor in Connecticut!


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by Collene Lerz

Have been reciving calls from this number at all hours day and night for almost a year. It seems to be coming from a Fax machine but when I fax a note telling them to cease, the number comes up no good.


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by Serafina Loja

Received a call from this number on our toll free line on 5/29/07 at 4:00pm (we're a business). No one there. A Google search turned up Diageo North America. They're in the adult beverage business. The number came from Norwalk, CT.


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by Denese Hronis

dont call me after 10pm. its rude and leave a message. you want to talk to me call me at  a decent hour leave a number and a name. i dont pick up for people i dont know. stop calling me


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by Kimber Dichiara

Life Care, this is a legitimate call.  Many companies have this as a benefit, and they offer connections to various benefits ranging from legal and financial advice, prenatal care, elderly services, and mental/physical health connections.  If you did not call them, it's possible that a family member did and asked Life Care on their behalf.


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by Teressa Fena

This company provides backup care as a company benefit.  It is legitimate.  If you receive a call from them it is likely because you or a family member  working for a company covered by one of their plans had put in a request for services.


the caller indicated that she was calling for a friend. wanting some information on moving. She did not indicate that she was from LifeCare. She was not trueful about who she was or what she wanted. in our industrie we recieve all types of calls in regards to moving. And have a number of different programs depending on who you are the the services you need. In the future when calling make sure you are trouthful and the person on the other will be more app. to assit you.


Called three times today. Each time the Caller ID said "Private name/Private number." When I picked up there was no one on the other end. My VOIP record showed that 203-225-9003 was the number that called me at that time. I blocked that number, but still another call came through.
1-203-225-9003 claims to be 'Survey Sampling' on my caller ID. They called me yesterday about 1:46 pm. I have told the family not to answer if they do not recognize any number. So no one picked up this call and no voice mail was left.


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by Genoveva Besson

I received two calls this morning one at 8:15 it hung up before I could get to it.  I received the second call at 8:23, I answered it and it hung up.  I turned my phone off to make sure that it isn't using the line or something. :(


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by Kenyetta Ticer

I believe this number to be ascociated with the *72 scam which leaves your phone line open to the use of complete strangers.  AT


I did not accept the call, it went to voicemail.  It was an automated recording that ended "...press 1 if you're willing to put a small sign in your front yard"  then the voice changed "or press 2 to place you on our do not call list"


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by Kati Kareem

They have been doing it to me for 3 weeks, I just called the FL AG office and filed a complaint. They told me it was a total scam and to file with the FTC also. Will do that tomorrow! Jerks!
This scam has managed to get a Florida debt collection license, and they may be pulling consumer credit reports to get information to scam consumers. Their license information shows they have only been in business for a couple of months, yet already complaints are indicating they are engaged in a fraudulent debt collection racket.


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by Audrie Mavridis

I got a call from Ashley saying a uniformed officer would be at my house tomorrow to serve papers and then mentioned my ex husbands name. I told her no one by that name lives here, do not know him, he never lived here. She said she would note it on the paper work and I hung up. I did not sleep that night worrying about this. They never identified themselves other then her saying she was "Ashely"


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by Vanna Caparella

FBI???  That isn't even the right government agency to contact!!  Ignorant F***!  obviously you owed a debt awhile ago and refused to pay it bc you're a worthless pos...its like people like you who banks hate bc you make them go bankrupt.  if you/'re not going to pay your debt then don't borrow the money....quick question, if someone borrowed money from you wouldn't you want your money back especially if its 1-5k? wouldn't you pissed off if they told you to f*** off??  you're a theif and you deserve to go to jail for grand theft!  please call the FBI about this, that will be interesting
Total fake. You cant have court papers filed on you without a demand letter. I called Thurston and they asked for my ss number. Told them cant doo and they said have a good day. I have filed several complaints. Trying to get thier address so I can get the FBI involded


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by Penni Cohee

This number just called me and said they will be serving me with papers tomorrow morning and they said it appeared to be a court summons from a Thurston and Associates. I have no idea what this is. Is it fake? I have no reason for being served with papers at all. Kinda freaky.


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by Jon Grinnage

just got thru with the same call. They have been calling me for 3 weeks threatening me. I called the Florida AG, she said they were a scam and I reported it to her office and filed with the FTC.


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by Jeannetta Ence

Got an Ambush call sayin papers were gona be served on me tomorrow asking if i was gonna be here tomorrow. They wanted me to call a number to stop it. I told her this was an illegal call and im recording and she freaked out. I have filed a compliant with the Dept of Justice (FBI) and Texas Atryn General