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by Jaqueline Gile

Called once 2 days ago with


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by Torie Dearstyne

I've received several calls from this number, saying something about my credit card? I don't even OWN a credit card, and they're threatening that they're going to close down my account, and that it's a very important call. When I call back, they say my number is not in their data base, and it hangs up!


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by Eugenio Loda

I held for a human to speak with.May I help you?Yes. I need the name and address of your corporate legal counsel.We don


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by Flora Girdlestone

called saying they've sent me many notices, and this is my final notice before they close my account. Went on to say I have the opportunity to lower my interest rates on credit cards. said press 1 for customer service. I pressed 1. The person answered (no hello)


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by Keiko Lazauskas

I've received calls from this number daily for about 3 weeks, I've picked up and listened to their automated message claiming that there is nothing wrong with my credit account, BUT that they can help consolidate. The first time I picked up, I hung up instead of pressing 1 to speak to a rep. The past 4 calls I've attempted to speak to a rep, but as when I ask to be removed from their calling list, I find that they have hung up on me before I finish my sentence. I've tried to call back, but the number is not found


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by Rosalie Lascurain

Gotten several calls before and had hang up on them. Today I risked pressing 1 to find out who was behind this. Someone picked up and said


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by Kari Abramovich

Robo call several times per week, so this time I pressed the 1 to speak to a live agent. Mitch was as nassty as can be and I was able to bully him enough to tell me that he worked for


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by Jeanice Decandia

Had the same number call me on 4/13/2011. The prerecorded message was:


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by Mae Bacik

They keep calling my cell # and hang up when I asked how they got it or to remove my # and stop calling. Once I followed thru


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by Aura Napolitano

Got call from 302-232-3096, prerecorded message about lowering my credit card rate. I filed an electronic complaint with the FCC at: http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm If you get this call, you can file a complaint electronically or print the form and fax it in to the FCC. Report them EVERY TIME they call. It is the ONLY way to STOP THEM.


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by Ardelia Nutzman

Have called every other day since January stating that they can reduce our credit card interest down to 6%. It is the same number over and over again. They say they represent all credit card company's and that due to the government stimulus to help individuals reduce their debt that have the company's reduce your interest rate with no bad credit reporting to you. This is a scam, because a supervisor was to call me back - but never did. Further, after that telephone call, I have received several more. This time, I pressed one are required, a person answered and said


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by Laverna Tanzini

Got a call from them with a recording telling me to push 1 if I wanted to lower my credit card rate. So, I pushed 1 and told


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by Lily Chehab

Got a call from them with a recording telling me to push 1 if I wanted to lower my credit card rate. So, I pushed 1 and requested that I be taken off their call list. He called me a fa#go$$ then hung up. How can this be alllowed to go on?


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by Pearly Fargason

Regarding the assorted


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by Shanika Romigh

has been calling my teen daughter's phone for over a YEAR asking for a Teresa Pope. WE ARE NOT the


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by Zackary Woo

recorded message from


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by Javier Lapanne

Delmarva Heating


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by Kittie Fradella

This place called me twice in the past week, even though my number is on the Do Not Call Registry. It is an automated message asking if you want relief from credit card debt. It lets you press 3 to be removed from their calling list, but I did that the time before, so it apparently didn't work! It makes me furious to be bothered at home by JUNK calls soliciting me. This is illegal, so how do they get away with this when apparently they are doing it to a lot of people?


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by Eboni Erves

This number calls me almost 20 times a day trying to sell me something and if I answer they refuse to put me on the do not call list.I don't know how to get this number to quit calling me


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by Rochel Schimpff

12 calls in 2 days. they answered once and i told them to take me off their call list. they immediately hung up the phone and did not confirm they took me off the call list. they continue to call me i answer and there is no response.