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by Anitra Ryon

freak.....calls any M4M CL casual sex ad that has a phone number in it....does not read your ad.....goes rite for your number to text you with proposals not in your ad (like do you want to play with toys, etc).


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by Winfred Plumb

a person saying they are Dorthy, said I sent her my resume on monster.com for a telemarketing position with farmers life insurance in peoria, IL, 3 problems here, 1) i hate telemarketers with a pasion and will spend hrs on the phone screwing with them for pleasure, so i doubt I would apply to become one 2) I dont use monster.com cause of the spam and harrassing phone calls the online boards cause, 3) this dorthy person is calling me on a neighbors phone and she dont even have my correct last name, town, age, ect......, i would of thought if I was going to have a resume, I would use my own phone # on it along with correct info about me..... just saying


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by Janna Lachowicz

i got a text today from this number asking my name. they sent that twice. when i said u text me how did u get my number. he came back with Will.. then asked again why my name was. advised i didn't give my name to someone i didn't know... and to lose my number. then person called... i didn't answer.


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by Charla Rieden

This is some sort of automated phone line that asks you trivia questions if you call it back. To be added to their do not call list, call the number, press 0 for operator and it will prompt you on how to be added to their do not call list.


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by Hildred Felli

I got a text from this # ((309) 228-4636) (but it's supposedly a landline) with just a


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by Gretchen Aljamal

They texed me and said


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by Solange Harshaw

Received a text from this #, saying


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by Joana Duerr

Just. A call. Nobody would answer when I said hello. They hung up on me so I called back and hung up on them. Not a big deal but since I got this. Phone I have received lots of out of state calls from people I don't know. (


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by Kori Whobrey

I am Dorothy's manager and she actually is calling for Bankers Life and Casualty and she is not a telemarketer nor does she call about telemarketing positions. If you don't want calls about a job then don't post your phone number on a globally public job board.


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by Renna Mocarski

Hello my name is Dorothy and I am a recruiter for Bankers Life and Casualty Company. I would like to clear up a couple of comments that are untrue. Our company provides legitimate work opportunities for Candidates seeking full time employment positions. The comment made by Bill is untrue because if he was paying attention he would know that the companies name is Bankers not Farmers and we are not a telemarketing company, but life insurance.


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by Glenn Kolos

I got a call this morning. She said she is from US Gov't. I was selected by the govt to receive a financial grant of US$7000. She explained why i was selected. Then she said which way i can receive my money i can choose from my bank account, credit card, etc. Then i told her let me call you back as i am in the middle of something. Then she asked are you interested to receive a grant. I said not this time. Then she hang up.


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by Selina Chanley

This is WeedMan Lawn Care. They came to my front door over a year ago to solicit their services. I stupidly gave them my number. I have called them several times to ask to remove my number as I am not interested in their services. The phone calls stop for a few months and then I would get a phone call.


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by Cindy Mazerolle

I just got a call from this number and when I said to remove my number from there list a guy who spoke very broken English asked me what my problem is. I told him my number is on the do not call list and I do not want any solicitation calls. Again he asked what my problem is. Very annoying but like a lot of these spam calls they will call back many times. I will be adding them to my list of spam numbers so my phone doesn't ring. Couldn't tell you what they were trying to sell or scam me into because I ended the conversation after hearing what is your problem 3 or 4 times.


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by Leigha Bayerl

They've called my number 5 times in the last 2 hours, they don't leave a message and when I called the number back it rang busy. No msg. Rings busy, the hell with them I won't answer the phone, call on.


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by Sammie Atton

309 966-2783 Belongs to USA Community Guides. Palette Publishing P.O. Box 5066 Peoria, Illinios 61650 www.usacommunityguides.com Inbound Office number is 309-966-1098. Fax 309-966-1121 Email Address is : info@usacommunityguides.com The person I contacted was Danny selling an online listing to his website and magazine. He says he is deliving 3000 full color flyers to home owners in this area. Mr kelly I hung up on him and blocked him from ever calling me again.


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by Karyl Dargay

Said they were Loyalty Publishing. They are putting together a book for the realtors in Evansville, In. Want to talk to owner of company to put us in the book. Would not let me take a message. Said they would call back later. Like my boss is ever in the office!!!


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by Elisha Tolver

tells big lies on people . Defamation of character is a serious crime . she has nothing to do with her time. GOD DOESNT LIKE LYARS . IF YOU LOVE GOD THEN DONT MAKE UP LIES ABOUT HIS PEOPLE N PRINT UT ON MRNUMBER


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by Pamila Zeglen

He called 3 times and said it was an emergency. After the 1st voicemail I called back to tell the person they had the wrong number. He kept asking for my name, and told me I had to answer a few questions. When I hung up, I got 2 more voicemails demanding that I call back.


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by Ronna Gerczak

Used H


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by Marion Damonte

they are with payday relief group and are calling all the time. Now they are using local area code numbers. they have used 5 so far. When u call back, its an invalid number. The do not call list is a joke and does not work.